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We will edit your paper for spelling, grammar and syntax, to help you create a paper that will be accepted by peer-reviewed journals.

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You provide us with methods and raw data and we provide you with a well-written scientific paper ready for publication.

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We help you develop and write abstracts for meetings and congresses, and we can help you create posters as well.

What Our Clients Are Saying

The translation/revision work done by Dr. Lindeman is excellent. We’ve already enjoy the services provided by LMC many times and we always get published in renowned journals. Dr. Lindeman is very competent and extremely agile, attributes that I consider of paramount importance for this area of performance. I highly recommend and admire his work.

O trabalho  de tradução/revisão desenvolvido por Dr. Lindeman é excelente. Já usufruímos dos serviços prestados pela LMC muitas vezes e sempre conseguimos publicações em revistas renomadas. Dr. Lindeman é muito competente e extremamente ágil, atributos que considero de suma importância para essa área de atuação. Recomendo e admiro muito o seu trabalho

Ana Paula Brigatto Simões Golucci Departamento de Pediatria, Faculdade de Ciências Médicas, Universidade Estadual de Campinas

Dr. Lindeman é muito eficiente!! Faz a revisão do artigo muito rápido! Duas publicações minhas foram aceitas em revistas internacionais de peso após a sua revisão! Recomendo de olhos fechados!


Dr. Lindeman is very efficient !! H does article revisions very quickly! Two of my publications were accepted in international-weight journals after their review! I highly recommend you do this with your eyes closed!

Dr. Eduardo Damous Feijó Ophthalmologist - Ocular Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Lindeman is quick to respond to emails. The editing of the manuscripts is done in a coherent way. They indicate options for improving the presentation of information, provide edit options for technical terms, and edit manuscripts quickly. In addition, the form of payment is flexible. I really enjoyed their service.

Maike Lovatto Graduated in agronomy from Federal University of Southern Border - UFFS
I would recommend the editing and translation services performed by Phil at LMC.
Our research group carries out works with fruit trees native to Brazil, and our editing/translation demands have always been met with speed and quality.
Dr. Jonas Goldoni

I submitted an article and the reviewers replied that I needed proofreading of the English on the manuscript. That’s when I contacted LMC and they did all the editing in less than 24 hours. A very fast quality service. A few days after resubmitting the revised article, I received the acceptance and the reviewers did not make any complaints about the English.
I really enjoyed the attention, quality and speed in LMC’s service.

Adelaide Guimarães, MA Biomedical Master in Biotechnology - UFPI Doctor in Biotechnology - UFPI Supervisor - Phytobios Nordeste

Writing the article in English was one of the demands of the journal I selected. Therefore, I needed a qualified professional to review the article in English. Happily, I found LMC, and I have had positive results both in the review and also in the acceptance of my article. I also emphasize that Phil is an extremely good professional in the dimensions of assiduity and responsibility. Thank you, Phil!

Esmirrá Isabella Tomazoni Nutritionist in the Multi-professional Residency Program in Family Health, Federal University of Latin American Integration (Unila)

I have conducted research and development (R & D) with biomolecules of veterinary interest and applications to public health.

I knew the editing/translation work of Philip Lindeman, MD, PhD of Liberty Medical Communications (LMC) and was very pleased with the result of this work.

Since then, I have always used the editing services of LMC aiming to publish our research in journals with high impact factors and refer them to groups of investigators from Brazil.

Congratulations, for the promptness and professionalism.

Dr. Alex Sander Rodrigues Cangussu Laboratory of Biomolecules and Vaccines - Federal University of Tocantins

Dr. Lindeman is always very efficient, providing an almost immediate task with excellent quality and price.
Since I encountered LMC, I trust them with all my publications

Luciano Zogbi, MD Federal University of Rio Grande

I really appreciate the work of Dr. Lindeman and his team. Our group has already used these services in different manuscripts that were later sent to scientific publication. The team is very effective in reviewing the English language, with a focus on the time of return and the quality of the service provided.

Dr. Maria Luisa Appendino Nunes Zotti Specialist in bioclimatology, environment and animal welfare

The editing service offered by Liberty Medical Communications is of excellent quality and high scientific standard.

I highlight the speed and the affordable price for the service.

My articles reviewed here have been easily published in the best journal of my research area.

I highly recommend this very reliable company.

Dr. Hudson Alves Pinto Department of Parasitology - Institute of Biological Sciences - Federal University of Minas Gerais

I needed the translation services and was well taken care of. Whenever I need it, I’m served efficiently.

Rubens Pessoa de Barros Professor, Department of Biological Sciences - State University of Alagoas

His work is excellent, besides being fast and good price for Brazilians, who are in a difficult economic situation to maintain the research of the tip. A good English text is very important for an international journal, and his work has been praised by the editors. Since October 2017, you have translated or revised more than 15 articles under my coordination, of which 11 have already been published or accepted for publication in the best international journals in the field of Agricultural Sciences. Congratulations and success on your site.

Dr. Prof. Aleksandro Schafer da Silva Medical Veterinarian at the Federal University of Santa Catarina

As a scientist in the field of ophthalmology, it took me a long time to find someone I could trust my papers.

Phil is a professional of extreme competence who brings together all the best attributes that anyone in this area needs to have: perfect understanding and fidelity to the requested content, efficiency, prompt availability and fair price.

I recommend him with all conviction and I assure you that you will have full satisfaction with your brilliant work.

Julio Zaki Abucham Neto, MD Chief of Retina and Vitreous department - Faculty of Medicine of ABC, Brazil

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